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Hamilton Speech Services' Youth Fun Day Camp was a huge success!

Hamiton Speech Services' Youth Fun Day Camp was a huge success!

Clients ages twelve years old and up enjoyed all the activities we prepared. First we had a 'Get to Know You' segment where the campers introduced themselves and gathered information from their peers.Next we followed a visual recipe to make pasta with meat sauce. Then we ate and cleaned up. Next we did an art project using tiles, Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol. They turned out really well! After that we went on a nature walk and scavenger hunt and then came back and played a memory game. Last we talked about what we did during our day and what our favourite parts were. When the parents arrived for pick up the campers.updated them on what we did. We are so very proud of all the great talking, turn taking and co-operation from all of our Youth Fun Day Campers!!

Making suace
Pasta sauce visual recipe
Playing a memory game

Clean up

Scavenger hunt visual

starting our scavenger hunt

checking off some items off our scavenger hunt list
starting our art project
the finished project


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