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At Hamilton Speech Services we offer speech and language therapy for children and youth in a variety of settings. We are trained in Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and we use a variety of ways to help encourage communication with our clients such as American Sign Language (ASL) and Picture Exchange Communication Symbols (PECS). We are also very experienced teaching our clients a means of communication using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices.


  • 1 hour: $131*

  • 45 minutes: $116*

  • 30 minutes: $100*

  • Group session cost varies depending on the program and number of therapists needed

  • Community outings are $125 per hour plus travel (if clinician is providing transportation) and activity cost

  • Preparation of individualized visuals/therapy materials $47/hr plus the cost of materials

  • Home visits: Travel to and from session location round trip of 30 minutes is $95, 45 minutes is $110. The travel charge is split if two clients live within close proximity to each other and are seen one after the other. Our time travelling needs to be compensated since we are not in the clinic seeing clients or doing other work necessary to maintain our caseload.

*All SL-A services must be charged  13% HST which is included in the prices


  • 1 hour: $175 for an assessment, goals and treatment plan 

  • An additional $75 for a comprehensive speech & language report 

  • Video check-in: $80. Every ten sessions the SLP watches a pre-recorded session of the CDA and client in order to update goals. This fee also pays the SLP for reading weekly notes and attending caseload meetings and other correspondences with the CDA.  

  • SLPs do not charge HST since they are considered practitioners by the CRA

  • SLP services are provided by subcontracted SLPs affiliated with Hamilton Speech Services



Speech therapy delivered via an on-line platform or tele-speech therapy, can be as effective as in-person therapy. 


There are many ways that we keep clients of all ages with all types of speech and language goals motivated, engaged and entertained all while working on maintaining previously mastered goals and working towards learning new skills.



It is very important for our clients to transfer the skills they learn in a therapeutic setting to a more natural environment. We do this by giving our clients the option of doing sessions in various places in the community.

Clients for example, who are working on their conversational skills visit places such as the library, a rec center or a fast food restaurant in order to practice their learned skills and to apply them to real life situations.



In addition to 1:1 sessions, we also provide Social Group sessions in our office. Clients are grouped based on their communication/speech and language goals, as well as their age and cognitive abilities.


Our weekly Saturday sessions have monthly themes with special guests!



Speech and language therapy is provided by a Communicative Disorders Assistant/Speech and Language Assistant who is supervised by a Speech and Language Pathologist. Sessions occur in our office, the client's home, daycare/aftercare or private school.

We assist children and youth with:

  • Articulation Disorders

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Expressive Disorders

  • Oral-Motor Difficulties

  • Pronunciation Difficulties

  • Communication Difficulties

  • Selective Mutism



We offer themed camps all year round during March Break, PA Days as well as summer camps!


Clients work towards their individual speech and language goals alongside their peers in many different settings within the community.


Browse our photos page for more information.

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