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Hamilton Speech Services provides affordable private speech and language therapy to children and youth in the Hamilton area. Our clients learn by participating in an intervention that is fun, creative and engaging. We use toys, books, songs, crafts and games in order to motivate each one of our clients to reach their speech, language and communication targets. Someone watching one of our sessions may think that the child and the clinician are just playing when in fact they are working towards reaching their therapy goals.



Melanie Hamilton established Hamilton Speech Services in 2009. As the eldest sibling of two brothers with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Melanie recognized the need to provide families with affordable speech and language intervention.


"I accompanied my younger brother to government funded speech and language therapy sessions as a teenager and watched him make huge gains. Unfortunately though when his therapy blocks were finished, my parents could not afford private speech therapy from a speech pathologist at the time."


After attending Brock University and earning a Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Language Sciences and then a Post Graduate Diploma as a Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA), Melanie worked for a few years in a private practice and school board and then opened Hamilton Speech Services in 2010. CDAs are able to charge less than what a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) charges. Providing more affordable private therapy is very important to Melanie and her entire Hamilton Speech Services team.

Read our FAQs to find out more about the difference between a CDA and a SLP.

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